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                            BE FAITHFUL TO YOUR CALLING


One of the three men who visited Abraham was the Lord Himself and the other two were angels. God wanted to have intimate fellowship with Abraham. To eat together was important for fellowship. When the Lord was ready to cause the fulfillment of His covenant promise He had made with Abraham in Genesis 12:3, that in Abraham all the families of the earth would be blessed, He came in person and ate in Abraham’s tent. Nothing could more significantly communi-cate their close relationship than that. Abraham’s service to the visitors in hurrying to set a meal before them may suggest that he could perceive who the visitors were. After the meal, the Lord, who was One of them announced to Abraham that a son would be born to Sarah about that time the following year. This was an annunciation of humanly impossible birth.

Sarah doubted what God had said and laughed in her heart for to her it was impossible for a 90 year old woman to conceive and give birth to a baby. She had given up on the promise God had already made to Abraham in Genesis 17:15-17 where God changed Sarai’s name to Sarah and promised to bless her and give Abraham a son through her. However, God who knows all human heart rebuked her by saying, “Is anything too heard for the Lord?” Similarly, many Christians often stagger at what God says He can do. Is a child from a dead womb too marvelous for the One who called all things into existence? It is no laughing matter. He can do it for nothing is impossible for those in covenant fellowship with the Lord because He is more than able to do all things.        

Beloved, as Abraham was faithful to God in his calling so do we need to be faithful as well. As we do that, the Lord will fellowship with us and through that He will confirm His promises to us and pronounce His blessings on us.

PRAYER:Dear Lord, please help me trust in Your word even when all circumstances seem impossible for it to be fulfilled, for with you all things are possible.