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The Presbyterian Church of Ghana Frankfurt has been a feature of Frankfurt
life for the past eleven years.

From it's inception in the living rooms of it's founder and former Minister
Rev. Emmanuel Djieagu it has grown and outsourced to become a bridge
not only between Germans and Ghanaians in the Frankfurt area; it also
acts as a bridge and a forum for other international churches, African and

The original objective behind the founding of the church was for it to become
a home for those Ghanaian Christians whose needs were not being met by
the more popular African Charismatic churches in the region. It was to be a
return to the traditions that most Ghanaians knew and felt most reassured
by; the classic conservative service and keynote tradition which were best
identified in the Presbyterian Services in Ghana.

One must understand foremost that Ghanaians are a religious peolple; irres-
pective of their choice of worship, faith plays an important role in the daily
lives of Ghanaians in Ghana. Secularism is very much a westernised stance.
Passing through the cities, towns and villages of Ghana one quickly notes
that Churches are a common rich feature. They are however not just solitary
architectural features but thriving hubbubs central to local social and religious

From Accra to Sunyani to Wa; between the teeming streets of the major cities
and towns, the air resounds with the sounds of music. Music which more often
than not has religious tones; tales telling of the wonders that Christ has proclai-
med and sanctified in a modern life. Gospel interlaced with Highlife. Television,
radio and newspapers echo Christian values and terminology. There is a reso-
nance in the air and it is revivalism.

People live in the church; it is not just where they go to get married, baptised
and die. Schooling is transmitted via the church in that a large number of the
private schools are church founded, funded or administrated. Consequently
most Ghanaians have grown up having been exposed to church teachings.
Such an intense relationship is sorely missed when one is a stranger in a
strange land. That is why the Presbyterian Church in Frankfurt was founded to
fill in a need that was deemed wanting by many Ghanaians in Frankfurt.

Find on this page some of our Founding Members.